Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our market

Kam Yuen is the famous chinese market among malaysian and all asian..but nowadays i saw quite few locals also shops here. this is the place where i felt like  in my pasar tani..hehe..i can find durian, petai, kangkung, belacan, rambutan, ikan kembong, ikan bawal, ikan keli, cendol and frozen food such as roti canai segera, popiah, daun pisang, cili padi, santan..i can simply do my masak lemak cili api at any time..;)
There were two markets there that I frequented. One was big and bold and covered in dragon carvings on the outside. Inside, in addition to groceries they sold clothes, shoes, decorations and swords. It was all pretty high-end stuff. The other grocery was across the square and a whole other world. The customers were mostly Asian. The aisles were maze-like and the items on sale were a total hodge-podge and likely to have packaging written only in some Asian language.
The Kam-Yuen market, or KY, as the huge purple and green sign unfortunately reads, is quite possibly the most random store I have ever been in.   It is truely Asian in the sense that you can find foods from China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, England and of course Malaysia. This shop made me survives in this city..thanks KY

Friday, 20 April 2012

April activities

nk p market..masa ni semua public transport mogok 5 hari..semua org kene guna alternatif sendiri. nasib ade my cute little bic..heheh

at the parc near my house


lunch @maharaja..yummie

my first cup cake maker attempt..gebuss

my dream kitchen aid..insyallah next month..

mini cooper show..test masuk je la