Thursday, 31 March 2011

Amsterdam second visit

salam..curi masa kejap..boring plk buat minit mesyuarat ni. nk citer lps je cowboys party last week, ahad tu as early as 6 a.m, terus pegi schipol airport fetching our boss from KL yang datang meeting di brussels for a week. Pn. Azimah is my boss at HQ office before i was transferred to Brussels. at least 2 bulan la jd her PA dan kira mcm trainning la masa tu since she is head of international division.

So as in programme, kami terus bwk jalan2 ke amsterdam. Pergi Maddame Tussaud, tgk bunga kat flower market and shopping fridge magnet ;). Then tgk kincir angin kat Zans Shan Museum dan last pegi tepi laut di Vollendam.

Balik terus lepak..penat giler..i havent had my my full rest sunday this month..huhu. Watch out next sunday punyer story plk..Paris

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Sambung citer mkn. As i told earlier minggu ni tersangat byk program termasuk program mkn2 that held every weekend. So last Saturday I was invited to attend a farewell party for our Dato ambassador who will be leaving to New York next month. with the wild west theme, all guests are required to style like cowboys. Starting at 4.30 I fascinated by the décor of the host that changed her house like a cowboy town. We are served by the cowboys food as well such as hot dogs, hamburgers, lamb chops, fried chicken and lots more. The highlight of the day is the Cowboys line dance with Achy Breaky Heart song. We really enjoyed the day and come home with a smile.

even lola pun jd cowboys..heheh so cute

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Classic satchel bag features all over signature logo. Accented beautifully by tan leather and shiny goldtone hardware.
Handles has green and tan detail. Lined interior. A great take everywhere bag !

Bought this here. senang urusniaga dirmh saja ;)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

tiring march

i felt so much relief after this audit thingy..fuhh..its been paid of though..not much of corrective action. Just some minor2 false. but still i have pack schedule. penat la mcmni.

every weekend occupied with jemputan mkn2 as our duta will be leaving end of this month. starting with nasi dagang at asha's house last week, than Pn. Nora's house with the wild west theme and perwakilan party with pink theme. Also ada International Festival where every ladies have to cook and sell our national cuisine, and in the same time handling our delegates from malaysia. All in March..huhu

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

handbags freak


minggu yg sangat2 sibuk. sibuk dgn audit, practice menari, aerobic, appointment dentist. fuhhh..walaupun french class takde tp every day ade aktiviti penat mak..bak kata org french 'je suis fatigue'.

dh brp weekend x dpt turun brussels shopping2. tp walaupun x dpt keluar ke kedai shopping. online pun blh skrg the way, one of my friend ade buat online butik. she selling desingner handbags. Actually target market utk malaysian, tp biler dier bwk g rmh dier tgk sendiri..kitaorg terus borong. me sampai tersangkut 2..mcamana tu heheh. but mmglah reasonable harganya compare dgn harga kat malaysia. kalau u all ade masa tgk2 la blog my dear friend ni ye. gerenti ade yg berkenan. Ada CK, DKNY, GUESS, JLO, LongChamp, kipling, etc..hajat dihati ade jgk nk meniaga mcm ni. tp memikirkan kos postage yg sgt mahal, terus terbantut. utk koleksi sendiri blhlah.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

family photo

The family photo.

Latest picture of all of us from the embassy taken earlier this morning.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


oh my..just back from school..the lesson is getting harder and harder... only 3 from our previous classmates appear..the rest? i think they already était si difficile

thank god it was a school break for 1 one week. keje ofis pun x settle2 lg ni. selagi audit x sampai selagi tu la busy nampaknyer. lps ni mana2 PA yg nk posting tu make sure amik kursus pengurusan stor, inventori harta modal tu semua. belum bab kete lg..buku log tu semua nk kene amik tau..giler aah..dulu semua EO or PT je yang buat..kite ni jaga bos je la. kat sini x dpt la..semua kene buat termasuk accounting. baucer, buku vot yg x pernah usik tu pun dh familliar dah.

i can say March will be the bussiest month. every weekend dh occupied. weekend ni pegi antwerp ade birthday party. ikutkan hati ni nk duk rmh je. tp kang x join kata anti social..huhu

Semoga Allah permudahkan semuaya. Amin