Sunday, 27 February 2011

A short wet trip to Ghent


This weekend berkesempatan pula melawat Ghent. Walaupun dh setahun lebih di Belgium, Ghent ni saya br pertama kali sampai. Ghent ni x la sepopular Brugge tp sgt terkenal dgn bunga,tappestry dan keunikan bangunannya. Ghent is a historic city, yet at the same time a contemporary one. The modern daily life of the city’s active inhabitants plays itself out against a gorgeous historical backdrop.

Ghent is easy to reach by train from all Belgian and European cities and is only half an hour from Brussels Central Station. Tambangnya pulak hanya 9 euro return. So, it just a day trip dan sgt berbaloi.

But yg x bestnya..hujan sepanjang hari. nasib baik bawak payung and hooded jacket.
so, jalan punya jalan, pukul 2.30ptg dah settle dan heading back to Brussels.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

poseidon ice skating ;)


keje sgtlah bertimbun lately. since dh nk kene audit next month rase mcm tension giler. sbg pelepas tension, me,azli,ana,luke,adik,ayong n daniel pegi main ice skating kat poseidon woluwe saint lambert, brussels. enterence fee 8euro including shoes. blh main smpai tutup pkl 10pm. kami sampai dlm 7.30. mmg agak excited sbb this is my first time. Main roller blade tu penah la sekali dua. tp this is totally different okay. very slippery.

masa di malaysia dulu teringin jgk cuba kat sunway pyramid tu tp rase susah je..first time try ni kire okaylah sebab me jatuh 2 kali je. mula2 mmg main kat kat tepi2 je..ala2 pegang pagar gitew..then lama2 dh blh balence beround2 pulak non stop. seronok jgk dan sgt jeles tgk bdk2 yg teror buat stunt mcm2. kebetulan hari jumaat ade lampu disco..oklah main dlm gelap..jatuh pun org x perasan sgt heheh.

lps main g lepak rmh azli tgk movie kak second time watched br lah perasan yg mana part penting yg x perasan masa first time tgk mcm how ayu tu mati..che nin tu mmg kalakor lah..kami gelak sakan!

part ni yg plg x main sekali sebok nk beli kasut..heheh

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

merepek merapu


Yesterday 15 feb birthday abah yg ke 68. Alhamdulillah dia sihat.

lately bertambah2 busy..beside french class now i have to attend aerobic session (which i dont really need it) baguslah utk stamina kan. so now i have only one day free. wednesday..thats the only day im free during weekdays..fuhh.

wheater semakin hari semakin cantik sekarang..matahari pun dh rajin menampakkan dirinya bunga pun dh nmpak skt putik2, meaning springs is coming. the most beutiful season. i love springs. springs will be officially start March 20. At the start of spring—the spring equinox—day and night are approximately 12 hours long and the Sun is at the midpoint of the sky. Our north pole tilts towards the Sun. Maybe ade plan ke kuekenhoff lg tgk Tulips.

au revoir (jumpa lagi)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Greece trip


Malas betul nk update biler dh lama cuti ni. hmm rasanyer ari ni bolehlah try kut.

Day 1
My holidays start on 3rd February to 6th of February 2011. As early as 9.00 a.m we (3 of us) gathered at central station Brussels to get a train to the zaventem airport. It only cost us euro5.20. While in the train we witnessed with our own eyes how someone bag been snatch or curi by two arab guys. it was so disappointed that we couldn't help much. One guy distract with the coin on the floor and another guy took the bag and go away. we did help that pity girl by asking is it her bag? but she refused..maybe kene pukau kut..after few minute baru realize it was her laptop bag..and the train already moved to another station. That incident really effect us much for the entire day..jd paranoid towards everybody. Sampai dh blh recognize those suspicious faces. After check in at the airport we met that pity girl again and she thanks us even we not help her much. She's travel alone and from Luthania.

We reached Athens after 3 hours flight by Aegean Air then we took a tourist package train ticket that cost us Euro15 for 3 days. It was really cheap and we can use all means of transport in athens. Sampai Sytagma kene change train to Omania where our hotel is located. Hmm sampai sini la my friends hampir kene copet jgk. Nasib dier sedar and that guy boleh ckp sorry jer..And we think same those arab guys...hai ape nk jadi diorang ni. At last, reached Pergamos hotel by 7 pm.

Day 2
Hari utk menjadi archeologist. Athens ni byk betul tinggalan sejarah. more than Rome. We start at Acropolis. Entrance fee euro12 and blh masuk byk tmpat including museum and valid for 5 days. Penat giler memanjat bukit. luckily i brings the right shoes.

read more on acropolis here

we continue to visit the New Acropolis Museum at night since it open to public until 8.30 pm and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Day 3
We continue our journey at Monastiraki (souvenir), ancient agora which is still in acropolis site. Then we move to olympian zeus, Panathenaic Stadium, keramikos, Puncak Lycabettus Hill and preaus (the sea side)..unfortunately sampai pantai dah senja gitu.

Day 4
Last day. Flight kami petang, so pagi tu sempat lg tgk mana tmpat yg x sempat pegi. Mostly area sytagma square. The Acedamy of Athens, National Library, The Parliment and again monastiraki..last kopek shopping. Sebelum ke airport sempat lg lunch kat satu satunyer halal restaurant i think. A Bangladesh restaurant in Omonia Square. Dapatlah makan biryani ayam.

Balik naik Olympic Air pulak. Reached Brussels around 8 pm and i so damn tired. So there's goes my winter holidays. Greece x lah sesejuk Belgium and was so clean. Byk Anjing and kucing terbiar tp terbela i means diaorng feeded by athenien and gemuks and manja2 gitu, x kacau org pun. Overall it was a budget holidays which is me habis x smpai euro400 termasuk kapal terbang, hotel etc etc..Seronok sgt rase nk dtg blk..heheh ;)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

happy holidays

Kebelakangan ni keadaan agak huru hara kan with the chaos in Tunisia and Egypt, suhu dh turun balik, banjir kat malaysia,it made me feel little bit scare to travel in this few days. Harapnya x de apa2 yg buruk kat Athens nnt. but recently ade berita metro mogok plk kat sana..mogok takpe lg..jgn rusuhan. Hope everythings went well. esk nk pack lusa nk terbang..

Biler tgk keadaan egypt tu teringat transit kat sana few months ago. nasib masa tu x bergolak lg..kalo tak..x taulah huhu..egypt air pun dh cansel semua flight ke Malaysia..kita doakan jelah rakyat Malaysia kat sana selamat ye.

happy holidays utk org Malaysia..panjang nmpaknyer cuti dr hari wilayah sampai ke raye cina. kami kat sini cuma dapat sehari je cuti raya cine. maklumlah byk lg cuti lain yg kene ikut, easter, pentacoast, Christmas eve etc..

French class for sem 2 dh nk mula..rase macam malas je. awal2 dh ponteng ni..heheh