Thursday, 29 July 2010


Venice its like dream comes true..rase mcm mimpi dpt jejak kaki kat sini...dr milan naik tren ke venice dlm 2 jam. venice ni mcm langkawi la lebih kurang. tp kete or kenderaan semua x blh masuk. semua pun guna bot. jalan2 pulau ni sehari pun dh abis blh cover...but the street really tricky. susah sikit nk paham map kat sini. gondola rides is amazing..mula2 x nak naik tp biler pk blk entah biler nk pegi lg, naik jugaklah..melayang 40 euro.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


x sabar nk tgk awal2 dh potong, the flight delayed for 3 hours..biaselah tambang murah..lebih kurang air asia..Ryan air. Dgr citer tokey ryan air ni kwn baik dgn freddie fernandez air asia tu..diaorg mmg plan nk buat tambang murah ni since kat u lg. bosan giler menunggu.ade strike kat sabar je la..dekat pkl 6 baru sampai milan. so try la sedaya upaya petang tu smpai mlm hbiskan tour kat milan. Milan ni, org kata city of tgk mcm biase oklah jgklah tmpat shoppingnyer..

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

italy trip

counting off to milan,venice,florence,pisa,rome. 21-27th July. will update real soon okay..doakan selamat pegi dan revoir

Friday, 9 July 2010

releks @ woluwe parc

Hari ni lepas office tgk cuaca sgt menarik..duk rmh pun boring..bos ajak g swimming tp biler dh blk rmh, malas la plk nk kuar blk naik tram i decide to ride my lovely bike arround my commune..haa best jgk. park ni kat depan rmh je..just 10 minit walks kut..kalau naik basikal baru 5 minit. it was very relexing..dgn angin sepoi2 bahasa dgn itik berenang...terus teringat kg halaman aiyyaaa...heheeh

Thursday, 8 July 2010


Taken from Tun Dr Mahathir face book

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 7:20am
1. The recession is not yet over in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe or in the United States. The British pound has devalued much against the Malaysian Ringgit and the Euro has come under strong attacks by the currency traders.

2. Not only are the businesses and banks being bailed out but whole countries (Greece and probably Spain) are being bailed out by the European Union. There seems to be no end to bailing out. They have completely forgotten what they told us in 1997-98.

3. The workers unions are still going on strike and the executives of failed banks and businesses are still demanding to be paid big bonuses. The public screams but there is nothing they can do about it as their money is used to bail out failed companies and banks.

4. It looks like the financial crisis will not be over any time soon.

5. We may feel like applauding. What they did to us in 1997-98 is now hitting them back hard. But unfortunately both America and Europe are big markets for us. If they go down they will drag us down with them.

6. What is certain is that both these continents will not regain their past prosperity. They will recover but not fully. They will be poorer than before the crisis. This is because their former wealth was acquired through abuses of their monetary, financial and banking systems. Since they cannot abuse these systems as freely as before and have to return to doing real business under Government enforced rules and laws they will not be making the big millions they used to i.e. through sub-prime loans, hedge funds, currency trading, leveraging, credit cards etc.

7. The real business of producing and sellling goods and trading will not yield the big money that the financial markets yielded for them. Besides they have lost most of their real industries and they cannot compete with the eastern countries.

8. It will take time for them to accept the new reality i.e. that they are no longer as rich as they were. But accept it they must.

9. I hope we Malaysians appreciate what is happening around the world. If we don't then we may become very poor and will not recover for a long time.

huhu euro makin turun..:(

Sunday, 4 July 2010

happy birthday mak

Today 5th July is my mom birthday..semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah
Only God knows how i miss her...