Wednesday, 30 June 2010

DG Visit

It has been the busiest week for us here in the atache office. Ketibaan Y.Bhg Dato Sri dan Datin Sri serta dato'2 telah memeriahkan hidup kami di brussels hehe. Im so impressed of dato sri and datin who was really down to earth and simple. Agaknyer kalau di Malaysia tiada peluang langsung utk beramah mesra. Yg paling best pegi factory outlet...;) teman org shopping tp kite yg lebih..hahah

Sunday, 20 June 2010

farewell, housewarming

Dalam kesibukan minggu ni, I manage to throw a farewell party cum my housewarming party. Farewell for kak era as she will leave Brussels next week. In the same time I’ve just moved to my new house and its makan2 time. But I only invited all the bachelors included whose wife or husband in Malaysia. Maklumlah org bujang..rmh pun kecik. But I’ll invite group by group..Insyallah. So, Jumaat balik keje pkl 5 tajam terus masak2. Menu of the day are mee bandung muar and some grill chicken and lamb. My boss and family come on the next day.
Hari sabtu konon nk tgk World Naked Bike Ride or naik basikal naked..heheh…tp nan hado. Maybe sebab hujan all day hari sabtu so mcmana la diaorg nk ride kan..mesti sejuk. Mungkin jugak Allah x izinkan aku tgk..hahah..takpelah jalan2 cari makan saje..dapatlah beli buku satu, Chasing Harry Winston. Hajat dihati nk beli handbag tp sabar dulu sbb next month dh start summer sales..kalau beli sekarang takut menyesal nnt.
Hari ahad pulak pick up delegate from Malaysia yg dtg meeting sini and 3 more coming on Wednesday. Petang baru blk rumah dan dapat rehat..what a busy week. Last but not least Happy Fathers Day to my Abah.

with yg dirai..kak era

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Charity Bazaar

Saturday 12/6/2010

The Asia Pacific Women's Association (APWA)has hosting a charity bazaar today at Auderghem Community Centre here in Brussels. Malaysia involved on this event every year, so this is my first year. Im so tired this week as i have to make some of the dishes. I cooked the sambal for nasi lemak and Banana cake. All this is my first attempt. Alhamdullilah it was succesfull and habis licin...lega.. This bazaar is offering plenty of entertainment including food, handicrafts, music, dance and cultural show. This year we also met Miss Belgium 2010. Even Malaysia dont take in any part on performance, but i have been chose by the thailand handsome man to dance with him...huhu..this is my second time i've been chose for dance on the stage..before is at saloma bistro kl, few years they know i love to dance..hehheh

Saturday, 5 June 2010

berlin 2010

wohooo its been a while since my last is getting busy lately. manage to visit berlin last two was a very wonderful journey..beutiful city with a lot of historical stories. 4 days wasnt enough though..wish to go there again but i have a lot more countries to be visit.

kerja pun dh bertambah byk..hope i can manage my time. bab time ni agak susah sikit skrg..especially time sembhyang..maghrib dh masuk kul 9.45 mlm which is kat luar msh lg terang masa tu..betul2 gelap dalam pkl 10.30 mlm..isyak dah msk pukl 12.45 and subuh pkl 1.30 pg lebih kurang..dpt bygkan nnt bulan puasa lambatnyer dapat itulahlah challenge nyer duk di bumi europe ni..gmbr ni agak kecik2 harap maaf. malas nk tunggu lama2 nk upload