Tuesday, 16 March 2010


last week we have been invited by the thai customs atache to my boss farewell dinner. held at Krob Khun..one of the Thai restaurant somewhere near Jette. They have prepared halal food for us. the food was extremely delicious and i really can resist with the karaoke session..heeheh

somewhere near the beach..they planning to swim..but i dont..i really not prepared with this crazy cold wheather.

Friday, 5 March 2010

happy friday

felt like to wear baju kurung today as today is friday..its quite weird actually even people in embassy pun surprise coz x de org buat pakai baju kurung masa winter..tp sebab dah lama sgt x pakai baju kurungkan..nk pakai jgk.heheh. masa kuar rumah pagi td the wheather mcm ok..ade matahari sikit...tp biler sampai je office turunlah en snow utk ke sekian kalinyer...really unpredictable..huhu

the steaks is speacially made by my boss...x sangka boss pandai masak..hehe merci!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

antwerpen, belgium

last week jumaat cuti sempena Maulidur rasul. even di brussels, cuti jgk la. suppose to go to bruge with ayu but seems the rain didnt stop pouring down, kalo jalan pun boring jgk..x blh nk amik gambar. so we decide pegi brussels city je. tgk wayang and do some shopping..some only. then on saturday, my boss and family ajak jalan2 di Antwerp. kalau drive dalam 45 minutes smpailah. this town was so cool...the biggest shopping place in belgium. semua pun ade sini even restoren Kuala Lumpur Satay House, pemandangan pun sgt cantik. then hari ahad have a evening coffe at kak nora's house. rmh dier best dan cantik giler..she got karoeke set too..hahah mmg dah lama nk lepas gian nyanyi..she also hv a cat name laura..lama jugak x usik kucing..lps jgklah rindu kat all my cats in malaysia.