Thursday, 29 October 2009

salam jumaat

i went to jb last week to meet my sisters family and bought some winter cloths ( brussels sojuk weh..huhu) baru itu je persiapannyer pun. theres a lot more things to buy. my brother bring me to the pasar karat on the saturday nite. bunyi mcm tmpat mat gian kan, but sbnrnyer people jual barang2 rmah diaorg terus kat sini, things like electrical appliance, shoes, books and even handphone. i forgot to bring my camera that nite. so theres no pictures :(. Seronok jalan2 sini.

to all om110 girls dont forget our first reunion tomorrow. cant wait to see you all.
i'll heading back to my hometown right after the gath.
cant wait to use the new bukit putus hiway too...:)..
dari kecik dok tunggu jalan yg lurus..akhirnya merasa la jugak. even x lama pun dpt merasa...time nk kene transfer nilah baru nk siap jln ni.

thats all folks, see you arround

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

hard to be me

its hardly to post a single entry now. im supposed to sit for a final exam next week. but i didn't make any preparation. donno whether should i go or not. i dont want to burden my brain that already loaded with a lots of things but time is running up. i just have a few month before i left my lovely country.. huhu

to get comfortable at a new place will take some time. i think im get to use it now. however, it just for temporary basis..ooowh its so hard to be me

Monday, 12 October 2009

october 12th

I am now moving to my new department. After a week, everythings seems to be ok. everybodys is friendly and theres a lot of food along the week. blh gemuk mcm ni. so bz..dont hv enough time to upload tons of pictures. these all i hv for now
My ex dept hv invited me to attend the majlis hari raya and officially farewell party for me and was very happy moment for me as all my bosses is arround. im a bit sad actually but manage to control myself..nasib baik. for me, standards is very dear to my heart.

Pn. KP and pn khalidah

with en shaharul

Mr RK and pn Khalidah

majlis hari raya standard
thanks for the present standards :)

farewell speech..kesian mat saleh ni x paham aper

the orange day

last day with my epjj classmate...gonna miss u guys :(