Wednesday, 30 September 2009

warna warni raye 09

raya 1986 and 2009

Monday, 28 September 2009

packing my belongging

my fridge magnet collection before masuk kotak..:(

gonna miss my room



dan kemas

it almost 6 years i ve been attached with standards malaysia...i learn a lot here. As a PA, i;ve been working with all the top management in this office with different characters. see all my stuff..byk giler..maklumlah 6 thn punyer citer. byknyer nk kene pack..rumah pun kene clearkan...fuhh

days before eid

@jln tar before blk kg

iftar @ my relatives house at gombak

shoot for graphic assignment..venue: my home

Sunday, 27 September 2009

raya story

salam all..its been almost 10 days i dindt update my blog. my laptop is infected..H1N1 my lovely lappy at HP service center in Damansara. so, theres no update, fb or etc. :( huhu

my raye story..oklah..quite meriah, i managed to visit a lot of my friends and relatives as this year might be the last for me to celebrate with them. will upload the picture soon kay..

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

raye preparation

smlm 17 Sept 2009 genap 4 tahun arwah mak pergi. rase mcm baru je..tau2 dah 4 thn. Semoga arwah dicucuri rahmat Allah S.W.T. Al-fatihah..

Balik kg for Hari Raya on thursday, quite early. Theres a lot of things to settle up. Dont know whether i can celebrate Hari Raya next year. kalau ade rezeki lebih bolehlah blk dah biasa blk kg..lps ni x taulah agaknyer blk setahun sekali pun dah syukur..

have a chance to have last minute shoping at alamanda last night. bought my father his shirt and pants. duit kuar mcm air this week..huhu. im thinking to sell my car for my expenditure at Belgium..hmm anybody interested?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

my raye greetings cards

Its hardly to get a raya greetings cards nowadays..people (including me) are forgetting to buy them as the technology is more easier and cheap. A lot of us are using sms and facebook greetings card this is my own design raye takdelah print pun..just for fun

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

chance of a lifetime

just about 2 hours after my last post, i received a call from JPA regards my posting..and i wrote before that this coming raye might be the last..mcm tau2 je kan.

it was an adrenalin rush moment for me to know where i will be tranfer to. but as i opened the letter..relief skt..coz i will be transfer to custom atase office in Belgium. Sounds good kan..Hope everything goes find. there's a lot things to prepare. will report duty by next week and probably will leaving by end of December. actually it hard to describe how i feel now..happy, afraid, sad..happy coz this is mylifetime opportunity to travel and improving myself in the new environment but sad to leave behind families, friends, lifestyle, studies..owh sygnyer..huhu :(

Already inform my father. he sounds happy for me..sorry i have to leave you abah..but u can always accompany me later. To all my friends..wish me luck me a visit please :) we can travel around Europe together2

will update later.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

11 days to go

salam all,

Today is 09.09.09. What a nice number..theres not much post this too bz with my assignments and work enjoying facebook very much..heheh.
im hearing lagu raye everywhere now..thats means raye is just round the corner..till now i still dindt make any i said in my older blog, raye dindt bring much joy for me anymore..not like before my mother's was arround. however life must go on, will make necessary preparation later coz who knows it might be the last year for us. For now i have to finish my assignment before raye..hopefully.

this year i only received 2 present for my birthday :( one from my mama (foster mother) and one from my friend syafiq. thanks for the both levis jeans and handbag...i love it. Im planning to buy a digital camera for myself as I really loves take pictures..but still searching for the good price and riviews..have any ideas guys? sony? nikon? olympuss? lumix?