Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Signs You’re Dating a Married Man

this tips is so useful for all my single girlfriends. in my entire life i've been dates with this kind of conman several times. no matter how good they lied..i'll know..so mr. married man, please...dont ever try me, be truthful. :)

Dating Deception is Common

Unfortunately, dating deception is all too common. Married men frequently masquerade as single men. Although there are websites specifically for married men who want to cheat, many cheating husbands troll chat rooms and online dating sites in search of single women on whom to prey. It’s not just over the Internet; this dating deception occurs in offline locations as well. A surprising number of the men you meet at clubs, bars, parties and in other social settings, are married -- not single, as they claim to be. If you’re a single woman looking for a committed relationship, the last thing you want is to find out is that you’re dating a married man who’s cheating on his wife.

Signs You’re Dating a Married Man

With so much deception going on, single women need all the help they can when it comes to identifying a married man who wants to play games. The 6 telltale signs below are taken from a tip sheet I complied entitled “15 Signs You Might Be Dating a Married Man.” It provides guidelines on how to tell the fake bachelors from the genuinely single men.

• He only gives you his cell phone number so you can’t contact him at home.

• He calls you at odd times – in the early morning or in the wee hours of the night.

• He’s unavailable on weekends, holidays, or other times when his family might be around.

• He’s overly secretive about his family and friends.

• He refuses to give you his home address or tell you exactly where he lives.

• When he opens his wallet to pay the check, you catch sight of a family portrait with wife and kids.

By identifying and avoiding married men the dating pool, you can avoid unnecessary headaches and heartaches.

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