Sunday, 26 April 2009


dear friend,

korang perasan tak lately cuaca kita panas sgt kan..rase x sanggup nk kuar rmh, kat office oklah ade aircond. smlm blk kg pun panas jgk. lglah kuala pilah..the hottest zone in malaysia. basuh ape pun cepat kering skrg. ckp bab tua2 ckp kalau panas2 ni elok mandikan kucing..x taulah ape relevennya lgpun lama dah x mandikan budak2 kucing ni semua..heheh..sekor2 kene mandi padan muke smua yg berjaya dimandikan 5 ekor..sekor lg berjaya meloloskan diri..takpe, next time aku blk siap ko melly..hmm nama kucing2 kesayangan ni stook (sbb mcm stockin), erica, cici, mimi, tenit, and melly. i realized sekor dh hilang..atam, hmm she quite old entah2 dh dijemput ilahi, tp x de pulak kesan2. Hope she doing fine.

even though bz dgn nk exam sempat lg aku layan dvd. First citer confession of shoppaholic, and marley and me. citer shopaholic tu oklah..funny, but marley n me tu, walau pun citer pasal anjing yg sangat nakal but at the end im crying like hell. sungguh x tipu. susah sgt air mata ni nk kuar kalau layan2 citer2 ni. tp kalau bab man bestfriends ni sgtlah sensitip jiwa ku..huhu. aku siap beli lg buku citer ni..pas exam ni blhlah baca pulak.

To all animal lovers...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

exam week

Its been a bit silence since my last post. About the someone whos stab me in the back..let her with her world la..theres a lot more things to think of other than that.

I have been super busy living student n working life. I have been going to my exam last wednesday and 2 more paper to go..huhu.
Cant wait to finish the exams and enjoying my normal life back :)

thats it for now. chiow

Thursday, 16 April 2009

stab in the back

It's a shame that some people say they are your friend, and you've always
been nice to them, never a cross word, and yet you find out that your so called true friend are really nice to your enemies. You might think that they
talk about you behind your back, and say negative things about you.

Sad isn't it??? I guess some people think they are perfect, and have
no flaws, other wise, why would they do that? Must be nice to be so
perfect as to point out others imperfections, and at the same time,
holding yourself in such high regard!its not easy to find true friends coz they might have their own agenda that no one even knows. i can feel that i 've been stab in the back..what a world!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

erni's kitchen

Jom masuk dapur. Today i feel like to eat my kampung dishes..

Ayam masak lomak cili api (one of my fav)

ayam secukup rase ~ potong ikut suka, cuci bersih dan toskan
1 liter santan cair
1 cawan santan pekat(pati santan)
2 keping asam gelugur
2 batang serai ~ dititik
5 biji cili padi (nak pedas leh tambah lagi )
1 inci kunyit hidup

Cara penyediaan:
1. Masukkan ayam bersama serai, asam gelugur, cili padi dan kunyit yg telah ditumbuk ke dalam periuk dan masak dengan api sederhana hingga ayam kecut.
2. Tuangkan santan cair.
3. Bila mendidih, tambahkan santan pekat,dan letaklah garam secukup rasa. Biarkan mendidih seketika.
Rasa dan jika ok boleh matikan api dan bolehlah dihidangkan...

* Bagi yg ingin menjaga kesihatan, gantikan santan dgn susu segar. Dan kalau suka bolehlah ditambah sedikit kentang.

Friday, 10 April 2009

presentation day

at last we managed to do the presentation for our PR research project yesterday. Actually we should present it this sunday but due to some problem occured we do it in advance. overall kira oklah for new student like us even quite horrifying because our beloved lecturer miss baby bring along her friend to watched our presentation which also a pr lecturer. nasib diaorg in good mood smlm. :)

anis and yati

Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Upside of Being Single in a Recession

The Upside of Being Single in a Recession
By Kathryn Williams

some advantages

● If you don’t have a spouse or children to care for after an untimely demise, you probably don’t need life insurance, which could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. That’s a lot of mani-pedis … or 401k shares.

● In this market, a lot of people are having to take second jobs or more work to make ends meet. It’s a heck of a lot easier to do this when you’re not shuttling between soccer practice and ballet rehearsal or trying to get dinner on the table by six.

● Some homeowners are renting out spare rooms for extra cash. Roommate listings on Craigslist increased nearly 65 percent nationwide from 2007 to 2008. Most lodgers, however, aren’t looking to shack up with a family or play third wheel to a married couple and will pay more to live with a single roommate. An added bonus: the limits on deductions for rental real estate are the same for singles as they are for joint filers, so singles might see an advantage.

● I know it doesn’t sound terribly appealing, but if you’re really hurting, you might consider moving back in with parents. “Your place or my parents’” may not be the best pickup line, but it could help you weather the financial storm until you’re back on your own two feet.

● You’re the only one responsible for your credit score. Credit bureaus keep a score for each individual, married or unmarried, but couples with shared accounts might suffer from a spouse’s inability to turn down a sale. In some states, when you marry a person, you marry his debt as well. At least when you’re single, you’re the lone master of your credit domain.

The bottom line is as a single during a recession, you should be even more thankful to be footloose if not fancy-free. “The biggest advantage of young [single] people is having more flexibility,” says Forcke. And look at it this way—financial stress is one of the top reasons marriages dissolve. At least you won’t be going down that road—divorce is very expensive.

Friday, 3 April 2009

malaysia's new pm

Malaysia's new Prime Minister Najib Razak took office Friday, inheriting myriad challenges, including a flagging economy, a racially divided society and a moribund ruling party struggling to regain its popularity.

The 55-year-old, British-educated Najib replaced Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to become the country's sixth prime minister. Abdullah resigned Thursday — part of a power transition dictated by the ruling United Malays National Organization in the wake of massive losses in last year's general elections.

In a simple ceremony at the national palace, Najib swore "fulfill the obligations of this post with honesty and with all my strength."

Pak Lah, Najib's predecessor, took office in October 2003, promising reforms in the judiciary, police force and civil service. But most promises fell by the wayside, In the March 2008 elections, the ruling National Front coalition suffered its worst results in the 51 years it has been in power...(yang ado..huhu)

what ever it is..thanx pak lah and hope the new pm can deliver well hmm bonus lebih skt ye thn ni tok najib :)